Clutch Specialty Auto Parts



•HIGHER PERFORMING CLUTCHES:  off-road and high performance vehicles. Dual friction, ceramic buttons and other advanced technologies for holding power. These new designs raise friction levels and durability

•HEAVY DUTY TRUCK CLUTCHES:  foreign and domestic

•AUTOMOTIVE KITS:  clutch components are assembled in kit form to assure no mismatched parts are sent out for any paticular light truck or car whether foreign or domestic


TRACTOR CLUTCHES:  clutches, brakes bands, steering clutches and PTO clutches for all agricultural or industrial applications. Release bearings and pilot bearings in stock.



6 button ridid
ceramnic and kevlar
Dual Friction
High Performance
Miata 6 Button Performance
6 Button Sprung Hub
Modular Kit Performance
Clutch 5
Performance Set
Rebuilding truck clutches has been our #1 job for over 40 years. We also carry new clutches from several different manufacturers. 
The combination of new and rebuilt is the only way to have full coverage and good pricing.